The Sun Always Rises …

I awoke before 6 AM and realized that today would arrive in spectacular fashion. Perhaps it was the faint play of light on mist; perhaps it was the silence that wrapped both water and sky. Perhaps it was just my own body stirring from sleep, anxious to stand and celebrate the dawn, as humanity has done from its own earliest rising. I grabbed my camera and hurried to the car. The sunrise is no longer centered above my section of the Tusket River but I knew it would be positioned over Lake Vaughan, one minute’s drive from my house if I could get there in time. And so it was. Here’s what I saw as the light shifted and changed, minute by minute. I hope you enjoy! Carpe diem … right from the beginning.

~ Brenda

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

4 thoughts on “The Sun Always Rises …

  1. These are nearly supernaturally beautiful. The surreal quality sent me into a quiet, meditative state. You capture the sacred qualities in nature with your camera and your eye for what can be seen of the spiritual and natural worlds combining. Wondrous!

    • Joanne. my deepest thanks for this wonderful comment. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace as I watched the light and stood in the silence. I believe that the natural world reflects much that is pure and holy – but which human beings too often choose to either ignore or desecrate. When confronted with the wonder and astonishment of sunrise, my merely personal concerns dissolve.

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