About My Blog

I’m a poet, photographer, nature nut, gardener, grandmother, singer and general dust-disturber from the Tusket area of Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ll be posting photos, prose essays, poetry and anything else that seems worth sharing – original unless otherwise identified. Not everyone will agree with my assessment of value but that’s fine. We don’t live on a flat earth, after all.

I enjoy discussion, debate and reflection on a variety of topics and issues – as long as it remains civil. Comments are currently moderated for copyright violations, threatening or abusive language (including extreme profanity) and slanderous/libelous/racist content. Other than that, please feel free to post whatever you’re moved to say. I’m not fond of censorship but I understand all too well the realities of internet bullying and won’t tolerate it here. As a former teacher, I’ve seen this in action and it’s ugly. Once my blog has been operating for awhile and I get a chance to gauge the types of responses it is receiving, I can adjust the moderation settings.  But I want people to feel comfortable and safe posting here from the beginning.

If you choose to debate or present an opposing viewpoint … fair enough! However, please present links to primary sources that support your position. I will do the same. Primary sources include original research documents, articles, publications and papers with accreditation to their author(s).  Anonymous reference material is open to question and possible copyright infringement. I enjoy considering alternative viewpoints and always want to know where they’ve originated. This doesn’t apply to personal-experience opinion pieces, of course.

Thanks for being here! I hope you’ll come back often and add your feedback to these various posts.



2 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. Zombies … ay, there’s the rub. Possibly they crawl from beneath the skin of the earth, like apple maggots? A spherical sort of home means they can always get back to their beginnings, rather than dropping off with screams and splats into whatever void surrounds the edges (unlike the edge of Scotland, of course, which is a different thing altogether; I doubt there are zombies in Scotland, or Cumbria either). They haven’t arrived here in New Scotland, at any rate, although during my teaching career I’ve had to awaken a few pretenders dozing in the back of the room.

    No rush to the post here, I’m afraid! You are the first and last – alpha and omega, so to speak.


  2. Hi Brenda – thanks for popping in to my place (http://ja2da.com) – I must type quickly – I’m first here and I want to get to the POST button before anyone else.
    Just one question really, if the world isn’t flat, then where do Zombies come from?

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