This is a work-in-progress! I’ll be back later to begin. Thanks for your patience.



6 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. With just one glance of the home page,I’ve come to the conclusion that I like your blog! I look forward to reading & seeing everything you post,here! 🙂

  2. Hi Brenda

    I am rarely on facebook but received an e-mail notifying me of messages on my timeline and saw your latest photography which I think is stunning and unique!! I love how you captured the cedar waxwings and especially the leaf positioned against the one bird’s breast. It almost has a trompe d’oeill effect where it seems we are looking inside the bird’s heart or soul. The light burning there like a sacred spirit or Holy Ghost. Just a beautiful shot and one taken with a keen eye and imaginative flair.

    Also, I wanted to share with you, since you are such a fine photographer and superb poet as well, this month’s issue of poetry over at

    It is dedicated solely to poetry by Afghan women. Their form, style and themes are surprising & startling at times. But even more stunning, perhaps, is the photography by a British artist who captures their life style and stance from different angles. I was fascinated by this June edition of the magazine. I thought you might enjoy it as well.

    Take care
    my best
    Wendy (Gwendrina from TCP)

  3. I love reading anything you write, Brenda..we do not know each other very well but I always like to read your opinions and discussions. Even though people do not always agree with each other I find there is much to learn from one another and gives us all pause to perhaps review our own thoughts.
    I also love the way you write. I truly hope things work out for you in your blog and will be visiting this site to get my fill of Brenda Tate. Always Helen Nickerson

    • Thanks, Helen – how lovely to read this post! I’ll do my best to share my thoughts and hope they contribute something of value, somehow. We do learn through debate, discussion and disagreement. This type of blog strikes me as a better way to interact than on the free-for-all that is the Facebook feed.

      I’m looking forward to writing my posts – if not every day, at least four or five times a week – and sharing photos as well.

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